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Crime Stoppers

Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers is a non-profit society and registered charity that receives anonymous tip information about criminal activity and provides it to investigators in the communities of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers, 2024)

Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers is not the police

They take tips about crimes from the public and share those tips with authorities. Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers is a fully-independent organization that is only concerned with information about crimes. (Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers, 2024)

Will I remain anonymous when I submit a tip?

YES! Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers do not want to know who the tipsters are. They do not record phone calls or trap IP addresses. Tipsters would never be asked to testify in court. The role of Crime Stoppers is simply take the information and in return provide the tipster with a code number.

If the information provided results in a charge, an arrest, the seizure of stolen property or illegal weapons, or the denial of a fraudulent insurance claim, a reward of up to $5,000 may be offered. Tipsters use their code numbers to update tips and collect their rewards.

How can I submit a tip?

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