About Us

Unveiling the Journey and Purpose of CCPC

Who We Are

Our centre was founded in 1992 by the Chinese Benevolent Association, the Chinese Cultural Centre, S.U.C.C.E.S.S., the Vancouver Chinatown Merchants Association and the Chinese Freemasons. We started with a small office on Main Street, in the heart of Chinatown. Since then we have moved 5 times and are now located at 44 E Pender Street to better serve the community. We have a large group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers to help deliver a wide variety of programs.

2022 - 2025 Strategic Goals

Organizational Goal #1

To build an inspiring and high-performing board to lead CCPC in pursuit of its vision and mission

Organizational Goal #2

To establish a structured volunteer management strategy which will provide CCPC with clear strategies to guide volunteer recruitment, training, development, and retention


To strengthen merchant relationships in Chinatown through the delivery of CCPC’s knowledge, value, services, and programs


To continue existing & build new collaborations with community partners to address senior safety, mental health, and domestic violence issues


To establish a coordinated and consistent media plan in communicating CCPC’s role & activities to the community and advancing its online presence

Meet Our Teams

Meet the dedicated individuals shaping CCPC's vision for a safer and thriving community.

Tricia Dong

Board Chair

Dominic Fung


Edmond Ng


Sunny Leung


Kenneth Liu

Board Member

Brian Yu

Board Member

Harry Lee

Board Member

Richie Wong

Board Member

Alex Wang

Board Member

Jackie Lee

Board Member

Douglas Soo

Board Member

Iris Tan-Lee

Board Member

Kim Chau

Board Member

Lorraine Lowe

Board Member

Janssen Ong

Executive Director

Abby Chow

Victim Services Coordinator

Joshua Leong

Project Manager / Victim Services Worker

Denise Cheung

Program & Project Supervisor

Dixon Ng

Administrative & Operations Supervisor / Victim Services Worker

Arya Qiu

Victim Services Worker

Raina Tsang

Program & Project Coordinator

Shivesh Narayan

Graffiti Removal Coordinator

Lee Ming Kit


Byron Yee

Neighbourhood Police Officer - Vancouver Police Department