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Volunteer Testimonies

Volunteer Testimony - Johnny Chan

My volunteer experience at Chinese CPC has been great. What I like is the volunteer schedule flexibility. Initially I signed up for volunteer at another CPC but decided to join Chinese CPC because of its unique location between two different neighbourhoods that I won’t find at other CPCs. I am mainly a foot patrol volunteer, however, I have participated in a number of special events such as mini-POPAT, garage sale, Chinatown Night Market, monthly park clean-up, and the annual Chinatown clean-up. There are a lot of different volunteer opportunities available at Chinese CPC but I like foot patrol. I enjoy meeting and talking to people living in the neighbourhood as well as running vehicle license plates to check for stolen vehicle. Chinese CPC is a great place to gain work experience plus the people there are all friendly and always willing to help.

Volunteer Testimony - Ming Au

I have been the volunteer of the CCPC since 2003. My routine job in the CCPC was foot patrol in Chinatown on weekends and besides this I also attended other events that held by the CCPC itself, otherCPC, VPD, RCMP and district communities. Of course the most exciting events were the crowd control training with the VPD and the RCMP in which I have learnt a lot of training and the encounter tactic with the rioters. The only tactic that I can disclose here is that I can throw hard objects to the ERT during the training.

Foot patrol in Chinatown needs some foot skills because we had to walk by foot for at least two hours; however it was not compulsory. During the patrol time, we kept our eyes to all vehicles that parked on the curb sides or the people that you thought he might commit crime. Besides these, helping and answering people were also our jobs.

The great sales held by the CCPC in Chinatown Festival every summer let me have an opportunity to bargain with the buyers. Although there was no cost for each item, I wanted to sell the items at higher prices so I should know how to bargain with the buyers. Hard sell was one of the methods to increase the sales. If you want to be a No 1 great salesman, come to join our CCPC team.