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Why sponsorship is vital

We are a non profit society and although we have a lot of volunteer help we still need funds to pay for the core expenses such as staff salaries, rent, heat, office and program supplies. Funding from the City of Vancouver amounts to approximately $100,000 annually for each of the nine community policing centres. Simple math will show that there is only a small amount available to cover our expenses and we have to depend on sponsorship to make up the balance.

Why Become a Sponsor

As individual or corporate citizens we should all take an active role in the sustainability of our community. Safety is a key component of keeping our community vibrant and alive. Sponsorship is a key component in keeping our community safe.

Sponsors Testimony

We were aware of the good work which has been done by the Chinese Community Policing Centre for many years. When they relocated to their current address because of the need for more space VanCity was pleased to have an opportunity to assist by donating furniture, carpeting and equipment to help set up the new office. In the new location we are pleased to see that they have been able to expand their programs, attract more volunteers and serve more people in the community. Visit their website.

As the 6th largest bank in Canada, National Bank is proud to make a contribution to our communities; especially in supporting programs that are related to our children and youth who are the future of the country. Visit their website.

Community Partners


Robert (Bob) Sung has been a fixture in Chinatown, running a successful culinary and cultural tour.  Since the beginning of our Helping Hands program in 2007, he has donated his time to teach the program staff all about the history and the attraction of Chinatown.  His vast knowledge is much appreciated and prepares the staff to do the best they can in assisting tourists and locals.  Please support Bob, our community partner, and have a look at his website: A Wok Around Chinatown.